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3-Day course in Standard Edgewise Technique 20th-22nd March 2019

The course covers:

  • First, second and third order bends
  • Andrews “Six keys”
  • Anchorage in edgewise
  • Space closing loops
  • Formation of arch blanks
  • Artistic bends
  • Utility arches
  • Round wire exercises
  • Practising results on a typodont

All three days will consist of demonstrations of technique, practical wire bending exercises, short lectures and discussions. Second and third year MSc/M.Orth trainees will find this particularly helpful.

Approved for 18 CPD points

Course fees: 

£275 for participants in training posts

£350 for specilaists and others


ePay facilities

Further information:  Dr Niall McGuinness,Consultant and Senior Lecturer, Edinburgh Dental Institute.