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Learning objectives and reading lists for seminars


On completion of the DClinDent, the student will be able to demonstrate the following:

  • Diagnose anomalies of the dentition
  • Detect deviations in the development of the dentition, of facial growth and the possession of functional abnormalities
  • Evaluate the need for orthodontic treatment
  • Formulate a treatment plan and predict its course
  • Carry out interceptive orthodontic measures
  • Carry out orthodontic treatment procedures using fixed, functional and removable appliances
  • Evaluate orthodontic progress and treatment outcomes
  • Possess an overview of the multidisciplinary approach for the treatment of dentally and medically compromised patients
  • Be able to acquire and interpret research information and data
  • Be able to prepare oral and written clinical and research findings
  • Clinical competence at the level of a specialist for an appropriate range of treatment techniques
  • Competence in the selection, planning, implementation, interpretation and dissemination of clinical audit


Learning objectives and reading lists for each seminar will be distributed at least one week in advance of each seminar.



Whilst every attempt will be made to run the seminars in sequence, please note that the sequence of seminars may not be as above due to the combination of the two postgraduate years and also, to the availability of the seminar facilitator.