Out-of-hours working and emergency contact

Information on late working at Lauriston Building and University out-of-hours support.

Late working and access to Lauriston Building

Staff and students may access Edinburgh Dental Institute facilities out of normal working hours if it is necessary.  However, being in the institute on your own can be a safety and security risk.  Common sense precautions apply. Out-of-hours laboratory work is not allowed.  

 The main doors of Lauriston Building open at 7.30am and are locked at 10.00pm

 All personnel - staff and students - must leave the building no later than 9.45pm.

If staff or students are working outwith normal working hours (after 6.00pm and at weekends), the hospital security team must be contacted WHEN YOU ARRIVE AND ON DEPARTURE to let the security team know that you are in the building.

Lauriston Building Security phone number: 131 536 3999 (external) or 63999 (internal)

University out-of-hours student emergency

In the event of a student emergency contact University Security by calling 0131 650 2257 (from another University phone call 502257).

You will speak to a member of our Security team who will take further details of your situation. Security may be able to provide the support or answers that you need. Where this is not possible and the situation is urgent, you may be transferred to a duty member of the student services team at the University.

Contact security

This service is not designed or intended in any way to replace the role of the emergency services or other relevant agencies such as GP's or other local NHS provision.

University out-of-hours support