BSc Staff nominated in 2017 Teaching Awards

Two of our Lecturers on the BSc in Oral Health Sciences were nominated in the University wide Teaching Awards. Lucy Sheerins was nominated for the Best Feedback Award and Liz Conner was nominated as one of the Best Personal Tutors in the institution.

Both Lecturers are delighted to have been nominated by their students, particularly from our small group of students.  The excellent feedback is welcome, not only personally by both Lecturers,  but also as an endorsement on the success of our BSc in Oral Health Sciences programme.

Lucy Sheerins and Liz Conner
Liz Conner and Lucy Sheerins


I’m so touched to have received this nomination again this year, it is truly humbling that the students take the time to show their appreciation of what you do for them.

It was a delightful surprise to be nominated for the award. Being very new to the position, the nomination has given me drive to continue developing and improving as a lecturer.