Hidden treasure behind the wall

In 1878 the Dispensary and the Scottish Dental Education Committee co-operated to found the Dental Hospital and School.

In 1889 the Dental Hospital was moved to no 5 Lauriston Place, the property of the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, and then in 1894 relocated again to Chambers Street.  In 1903 the adjoining building was purchased, and plans were drawn up for an extension to be built between these buildings and the pavement line. These plans had to be postponed because of the war, and it was not until 1927 that the new building was opened.  The move to our current location at Lauriston Building happened in 1997.

Plaque commemorating the Deans and Professors of Edinburgh Dental School

The Chambers street premises has undergone many guises since our departure and the most recent renovation is being undertaken by Rebuild construction and restoration company on behalf of MacKenzie Residential restoring the first floor of the former Dental hospital into nine apartments.  During this renovation Andrew Waters. Director of REDbuild, and his fine building team discovered a permanent legacy of the historical building hidden behind a wall, presumed to be the former Dean’s office.  A wonderful timber wall plaque commemorating the Deans and Professors of Edinburgh Dental School and hospital serving from 1880 up until 1958.

We regularly find old tradesmen’s names, signatures and dates in Edinburgh’s old properties going back hundreds of years, however to find a plaque of this quality was a first!

REDbuild construction and restoration team
REDbuild construction and restoration team